Artist and former Professor at Gila Community College in Globe,
AZ,  I have owned and operated Handteq Enterprises since 1983.  
Providing fine art, photography and graphic design services to the
local area and nationally.  Born in Denver CO, I graduated from
Northern Arizona University in 1976 and moved to the
Globe-Miami area where I have been an art teacher for over 30
years.  I earned my Masters degree in 1991 and began working
full time at GCC in 2006.  I taught drawing, painting,
photography, glass arts, graphic design and art history as well as
serving as the head of the Art Department there until my
retirement in 2014.  Please have a look at my services, art work
and photography galleries and see some of the many works and
projects I have completed and become familiar with the many
things I may be able to do for you, then contact me and let me be
of  service!!
Buena Vista School, home and studio, Miami, AZ
Larry D Brown
My wife: Kimberly Brown
My son: Jake Brown
Pablo Picasso
Salvadore Dali & Vinnie Van Gough
My 59
My Bike
Front Door of Buena Vista
My Plate
Bike Plate
Buena Vista from above
Dorothy L Brown - 1932-2006
This site is dedicated to the memory of my mom
who was my greatest fan and always supported me
in everything I did throughout my life.  I will
never forget all that she did for me.
Kimberly's Hot Glass Jewelry Page
The tower at Buena Vista
My nephew: Mikey Jones
Kimberly and Pablo
Our new charges Kayla and Kloe Dublak
Camping with Kayla and Kloe Dublak